How Long Does It Take to Process a Car Insurance Claim in Georgia?

Insurance companies in Georgia have 40 days to resolve a claim after it has been filed. This is the time frame in which they must recognize the claim and decide whether to accept it before paying the final settlement. Generally, insurance companies have around 30 days to investigate a car insurance claim, although this number may vary depending on the state. Most states require that claims be processed quickly and without unnecessary delays, but resolving them can take longer if the accident was serious or if an investigation into coverage is necessary.

If you use a repair shop affiliated with (or at least approved by) your insurance company, the process may be faster. The simplest cases can be resolved in one to two weeks, while more complex ones may take weeks or longer, including delays in programming and the time the car will be in the workshop. You can still drive your car until repairs are complete, if it is safe to do so. Once your medical care has been completed as much as possible, your doctor will provide you with all the records. This can take 45 to 60 days in some cases.

Let's discuss each phase of a typical car accident case in Georgia and how it can affect the time it takes to reach a settlement. It is important to consider the delivery time of your insurance coverage, which may be different from that required by the state. Unfortunately, some insurers extend their response time in the hope that this will encourage you to accept a low settlement once they submit an offer. The other driver or their insurance company may make you feel otherwise, but you have the right to financial compensation for all your expenses. You can expect to contact your adjuster frequently, and the investigation may last a few weeks or months depending on the severity of the car accident.

Then, you and your lawyer will file a personal injury claim with the other driver's insurance company and wait for a response. If you are not at fault, the same steps are followed, but you can contact the other driver's insurance company to file a liability claim for your injuries and damage to the vehicle. After completing the initial claim documentation, they will send it to the hospital and doctors who will work directly with the insurance company and claims adjuster to resolve the problem. An insurance adjuster will usually contact you within three days of filing the claim to discuss it. Some insurance companies even offer this service for free. This information does not refer to any specific insurance policy or modify any provision, limitation, or exclusion that is expressly stated in any policy.

After a car accident occurs in Atlanta or any other city in Georgia, the police department that investigated it will release a report about the incident a few days later. You may be able to pay for repairs out of pocket without being affected by your insurance rates. Your top priorities after a car accident include recovering from your injuries and being able to pay for all costs related to it, including medical bills and back wages.