Best Car Insurance When You're Military

In this article, we will discuss the best car insurance options for military personnel and their families. These options provide various benefits, discounts, and tailored coverage that recognize the unique needs of service members.

Top Car Insurance Providers for Military Personnel

  1. USAA

  2. : United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is widely regarded as the top car insurance provider for military personnel. They offer exclusive benefits and flexible coverage options for active-duty, retired, and reserve members, as well as family members. GEICO: GEICO offers a military discount of up to 15% on their auto insurance premiums. They also provide emergency deployment discounts and specialized coverage for military personnel. **Armed Forces Insurance (AFI)**: AFI is a member-owned insurance company that specializes in providing coverage for military personnel and their families. They offer competitive rates and a wide range of coverage options tailored to the needs of service members.

  3. Progressive

: Progressive offers a variety of discounts and coverage options for military personnel, including a military discount of up to 10% on their auto insurance policies. Additionally, they provide coverage for military-specific risks, such as deployment and overseas assignments.

  1. Allstate: Allstate extends a military discount of up to 10% on their auto insurance policies for active-duty and reserve personnel. They also offer personalized coverage options and support for military families.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Car Insurance for Military Personnel

When selecting the best car insurance for military personnel , there are several factors to consider:

  1. Discounts and savings

: Look for providers that offer military-specific discounts and savings opportunities, such as lower premiums, no down payment, or flexible payment options.

  1. Coverage for unique military needs: Ensure the provider offers coverage for military-specific risks, such as deployment, overseas assignments, and storage of vehicles during deployment.

  2. Customer service: Choose a provider with excellent customer service tailored to the needs of military personnel, and one that understands the unique challenges and concerns faced by service members and their families.

  3. Claims process: Select an insurance provider with a straightforward and efficient claims process, as dealing with claims can be stressful, especially for military personnel who may be deployed or away from home.

  4. Stability and reputation

: Opt for a reputable and financially stable insurance company that has a proven track record of providing reliable coverage and support for military personnel.

  1. Flexibility

: It's essential to choose a provider that offers flexible policy options and coverage adjustments to cater to the ever-changing needs of military personnel and their families.

Additional Resources and Support for Military Personnel

In addition to selecting the right car insurance provider, military personnel can also access various resources and support systems to assist with their unique needs:

  1. Military installation support: Most military installations offer support services, such as legal assistance, financial counseling, and family advocacy programs, to help service members and their families navigate insurance and other personal matters.

  2. **Veterans Affairs (VA)**: The VA offers various support services, including healthcare, financial assistance, and counseling, to veterans and their families. They can also provide guidance on insurance-related issues and benefits.

  3. Military-specific financial education and counseling

: Several organizations, such as Military OneSource and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Foundation, offer financial education and resources specifically tailored for military personnel and their families. These resources can help service members make informed decisions about insurance and other financial matters.

  1. Military support groups and forums

: Online communities, such as military support forums and social media groups, can provide valuable advice, recommendations, and experiences from fellow military personnel and their families regarding car insurance and other matters.

  1. Non-profit organizations: Many non-profit organizations, like the National Military Family Association (NMFA) and Blue Star Families, offer support, resources, and advocacy for military families, including guidance on insurance and financial matters.

By considering these factors and utilizing available resources, military personnel and their families can make informed decisions and choose the best car insurance provider that suits their unique needs and circumstances. Remember to regularly review and update your coverage to ensure it remains appropriate for your changing situation.


Military personnel and their families face unique challenges and requirements when it comes to car insurance. By considering factors such as discounts, military-specific coverage, customer service, claims process, stability, and flexibility, service members can find the best car insurance options tailored to their needs. By taking advantage of additional resources and support systems, military personnel can further ensure they are making well-informed decisions about their car insurance.